The Final Stand 2 has several different enemy types, each with its own attributes.


Enemies only spawn between 18:00 and 6:00 during nights. After 6:00, they catch fire and burn up after a few seconds. They will walk towards the nearest player, or the shop if none are remaining. They can damage players, the Shop, and the Barricade. Additionally, all can deal melee damage, with some types having special abilities. Most enemies are variants of zombies, with the exception of the Wraith. When a player dies, their body colours and clothing will be transferred to a suitable zombie, so survivors can have fun shooting their fallen comrades.

Stats Edit

The type of enemy affects its stats. The following numbers are for the Pale Zombie.

Health Edit

The health of enemies increases with every wave. The Pale Zombie starts with 150 health on Wave 1, and gains 100 health every round until Wave 9. Upon reaching Wave 10, its health is given a 1.1 multiplier every round. It is plausible that this formula was borrowed from the zombies in Call of Duty.

With every additional person on the server, the zombies' health is increased by 12%, up to 60% at 6 players.

If the wave number is 9 or below, health can be calculated using the following formula:


If it is 10 or above, use this formula:


Damage Edit

Enemies can deal damage in a number of ways. All enemies are capable of melee damage within roughly 3 studs (about their arm length, including the LongArms). Melee damage occurs at roughly 10 Hz. Additionally, the Boomer is capable of explosive damage (worth 50). It is unknown whether the BerserkerZombie's chainsaw attack is a different type.

The Pale Zombie has a maximum of 33 DPS. It is unknown whether enemy type affects this.

Enemies deal 50% reduced damage on Wave 1, with their damage gradually increasing until Wave 6, when they deal normal damage.

Speed Edit

The movement speed of enemies will gradually increase every night, up until Wave 20. The Pale Zombies starts out slower than an unweighted player, but ends up faster than one. Other types of enemies have their own multiplier.

Convenient Chart Edit

If calculating things is too hard for you, here is a handy chart. Note that the values are rounded.


Stats of the Pale Zombie
Wave Number Health DPS Speed
1 150 17
2 250 20
3 350 23
4 450 26
5 550 30
6 650 33
7 750 33
8 850 33
9 950 33
10 1045 33
15 1683 33
20 2710 33
25 4365 33
30 7030 33
40 18235 33
50 47296 33
75 512437 33
100 5552109 33

Spawning Mechanics Edit

Number Edit

The spawn rate and maximum number of enemies increases as waves go by, up to Wave 20. On Wave 1, spawning is delayed by roughly 2 seconds. On Wave 20, spawning is delayed by roughly 0.5 seconds. If the wave number is 19 or below, use the following formula to determine the spawning delay. Otherwise, if it is 20 or above, the delay is 0.5.


Variant Edit

Different types of enemies have different probabilities of spawning. As a rule of thumb, the probabilities of zombies other than the Zombie increases up to Wave 20.

Additionally, different types of enemies spawn starting from different waves. One random variant is added starting on Wave 1, and one new random variant will be added after every Boss wave, until Wave 21, when all variants are in play.

Variants Edit

Currently, there are 8 different zombie variants and 4 different skin colors.

Zombie Edit

This is the most common variant. Like most others, it comes in 4 different color variations (and an odd one, Player): Pale, Red, Green, and Blue, all of which are equally likely to occur. The Zombie has roughly a 4 in 5 chance of spawning when a zombie is chosen, depending on the spawn rates of other zombies. They begin spawning on Wave 1 (obviously). Their appearance is basic - a black torso and legs, and their respective skin color.

Pale Edit

Default color, no modifiers.

Red Edit

20% more health, moves faster.

Green Edit

40% more health, moves slower.

Blue Edit

20% less health, moves faster.

Player Edit

Not really a colour, but a special variant that can occur in any zombie that has colour variations. Has more health, but less damage. Only appears when a player dies. It is assumed that player zombies do not have further colour variations.


LongArms Edit

Has 20% more health and movespeed, increased range. Has a white torso and legs, as well as longer arms. Can have color variations.

Crawler Edit

Has 20% less health, increased movespeed. Crawls on the ground. Can have color variations. Can now jump in the Equipment update.

Boomer Edit

Has 25% more health and 10% less movespeed. Has a rounded green part on their torso (presumably explosives), and explodes on death. Can have color variations.

ArmoredZombie Edit

Has 25% more health, takes 50% damage and grants 50% hit money from bodyshots. Wears body armour. Can have color variations.

HelmetZombie Edit

Has 25% more health, takes 50% damage and grants 50% hit money from headshots. Wears a helmet. Can have color variations.

Wraith Edit

Has 50% more health, spawns from the tunnels starting from Wave 11, and always Wave 11. The only enemy to spawn from the tunnels. Its spawn times are more random than those of Zombies. Is composed of a translucent black substance, and as a result is difficult to see. No color variation.

BerserkerZombie Edit

Has approximately 400% health compared to a Zombie, although the exact value is unknown. Rarely spawns starting from Wave 21. Spawn rate gradually increases until Wave 31, but is always below that of other zombies. Starts moving faster after taking sufficient damage. No color variation(?).

Boss Edit

Has 750%/1125%/1500%/1875%/2250%/2625% health of a Zombie with 1/2/3/4/5/6 players. Spawns every 5th wave, starting from Wave 5. No color variation. The bosses also have a cool Easter egg, the bosses are the creators of the Final Stand 2 (This is for the people who didn't know that).