Basics Edit

The most expensive weapon in the game, at $250 000. The Van upgrade to unlock this costs a further $100 000. Only one may ever exist in a server.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Extended Mags Increases your magazine size. Magazine size +50% 1 $37500
Piercing Rounds Your shots will pierce through additional enemies. Pierce +1 1 $125000
Improved Grip Reduces the recoil when firing. Recoil -33.33% 1 $37500
Nitrogen Cooling Decreases the time taken to cool down your weapon. Reload Time -25% 1 $50000

Strategies Edit

  • Unless you take full advantage of all pierces, its single-target cyclic DPS is lower than that of the Minigun.

Trivia Edit

  • While the Minigun is designed to hit the same target three times with each fire, the Laser Minigun is designed to hit three targets once each.
  • If you can use the pierces to their full potential, the Laser Minigun has the highest point cyclic DPS in the game, at 29 250.
  • If you're aiming at only one target, the Laser Minigun has an unamusing single-target cyclic DPS of 9 750.
  • Including all upgrades and the Van upgrade needed to unlock it, the Laser Minigun costs $600 000 to max.